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Ashley & Paul H.

Hi Barry,

We are loving the windows and door!  I was in awe last night looking at it and how much better the house looks now.  I’m so pleased with how the colours matched as well.

The installer mentioned to Paul something about sealing the door? But when he gave us the keys, touch up paint, etc. he didn’t mention anything about sealing it… can you let me know if something further needs to be done?

Otherwise, we are so pleased with the outcome. I  also wanted to let you know that on top of being a superior company for quality and customer service, you were the only company that was willing to adapt to our lifestyle.  You came out to measure on your own and worked with me via email albeit not a traditional flow of sale for this line of business.  I wanted you to know how much we appreciated that.  It’s not always easy making these decisions with 2 kids and being 8 months pregnant at the time.  Most other companies refused to deal with us because we couldn’t sit down at a table and go through brochures for 2 hours.

So kudos to your company for being able to manage every generation and their buying style!

Thank you!

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