Guide to Selecting the Perfect Entrance Door

Selecting the perfect front entrance door for your home can be an overwhelming task.  There are many different options when it comes to entry doors and it’s no wonder homeowners will often quit before they get ahead because they can’t seem to come to a decision.  Not to worry though, we are here to help break the process down for you and hopefully make it a little easier to select a front entrance that not only looks beautiful on your home, but a door that shows your own personal character that you are proud to come home to.

Initial things to consider when selecting a front entrance:

1 – Not all doors are created equal

Make sure the components of the door system you are going to purchase are renovation grade and built to last.  Be careful of Styrofoam filled door slabs with low R values and poor quality steel/fiberglass products.  Doors you see at your local home store that you can buy off the shelf are often made of lower quality materials, hence their lower price tag.  Frame components, sills, jambs and brickmoulds are other things to consider and we are here to help decipher those differences for you.  The end goal is to have a beautiful door system, but also a system that is going to stand the test of time.

2 – Price

There is a huge range in price when it comes to different options for entry doors.  If you have an idea of what you’re looking for and a price range in mind, we can certainly work with you to try to find something that fits your wants and needs list, as well as your budget.

3 – Installation

You can buy the most beautiful entrance door, but if you don’t have someone to properly install it for you then it was all a waste.  Make sure that wherever you’re buying your door from they offer a superior installation in addition to an excellent product.  All of our installers are Window Wise trained and have been expertly installing doors for many years.  You can also be assured by our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

Now that we’ve considered a few initial points… it’s time to get to the fun part… designing your door!

Step 1 – Glass

When it comes to glass, a few things to think about are:


How much of your door do you want to be glass?  For example, do you want a full light glass or just a small piece of glass at the top of your door?


How private do you need the glass to be?  Each glass design has a privacy rating from 1 – 10 to help you gauge how private the glass will be.  In some cases, you can also switch out certain styles of glass in different glass lites to make them more or less private.


Choose a design that suits your style!  Do you like traditional patterns or something a little more contemporary?  Do you prefer simple lines or something a little more intricate?  Once you know what style you are leaning towards it is much easier to narrow down the options.

Step 2 – Slabs


Once you have figured out how much glass (if any) you want in your door, the next step would be to choose your slab style.  For example, in a door with ¾ glass you have a few options for slab styles.  1 – a door with no embossing and a completely smooth finish on the bottom 2 – a door with one horizontal rectangular embossed panel below the glass, or 3 – a door with two smaller vertical rectangular embossed panels below the glass.  Depending on your glass selection, there may only be one slab option, or you might have a couple of different options.  This is something we would be happy to help you navigate! 🙂


One thing to also consider is the type of door slab you want.  The most common slabs we are seeing nowadays are steel and fiberglass.  Typically, the main reason you would lean towards a fiberglass door is to achieve a ‘wooden door’ look.

Step 3 – Colour

Now that you have a glass size and door slab chosen, the next step is colour.  Do you want your door to be factory painted, stained (fiberglass only), or left factory white?  If you’re having trouble deciding what colours will go with your home, you can always try our visualizer tool which you can access here.  Trends we are seeing with door colours are that many clients are going with bold or dark colours for their entrance.  When you’re investing in a quality door, you surely want it to make a statement!  There is also the decision of whether or not your frame colour should match your door colour.  There is no right or wrong way – it is all about preference.  The overall look of the home can also help us recommend to you what might look the best in our professional opinion in terms of frame and door colour selection.

Step 4 – Hardware

You’re now well on your way to having a brand new entrance system selected so it’s time to discuss the final details.  When it comes to hardware, we recommend using Schlage or Weiser hardware and your local hardware store should have a selection of both manufacturers’.  The hardware finishes vary, and typically if your door has glass in it with caming, we will recommend selecting a hardware finish that is similar to the caming colour to help tie everything together.  Light fixtures outside your house and mailboxes are other elements you could match to your door hardware to give a very finished look.

Hopefully this breakdown helps you out on your quest for a new front entrance door!  As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help!

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