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Doors and entrance systems play an important role in our homes by enabling, or preventing access.  Doors are sometimes taken for granted, but they are a necessity: one that doesn’t have to be boring!  Entrance systems have the opportunity to truly make a statement about a home or buildings’ exterior by giving it real curb appeal.  Doors provide us with protection from the changing environment and contribute substantially to the overall value and appearance of a home.

Beingessner Home Exteriors sells hundreds of entrance doors every year.  We have the expertise to find a door that suits your home, your taste and your lifestyle. 

Some of the biggest trends we have seen this year with entrance systems are:

Darker and Bolder Colors

Homeowner’s are choosing door colours that are truly eye catching.  They want their door to stand out from street view and act as an enhancement to the overall look of their homes.  Dark greys, black, bold reds and rich browns are among the colours we’re seeing a lot of.  

Specialty Designs

We have had the privilege of working with homeowner’s who have really wanted to create a special look for their homes and do something no one else has done.  A front entrance door is a place where homeowner’s can really let their personality shine through, and we love helping visions and ideas come to reality.  From everything to paint colour, door hardware, entrance lighting and more, homeowner’s are truly able to create beautiful entrances they can’t wait to come home to.

Contemporary Glass and Frames

Many homeowners are leaning towards sleek, contemporary designs.  Straight and simple lines have started to become quite common and door manufacturer’s are offering more of these options.

Fiberglass Entry Systems

The use of fiberglass doors has been on the rise from previous years, allowing homeowners to have the look of wood without the high maintenance, as well as higher energy efficiency.  Painted smooth finish fiberglass systems also seem to be more popular with homeowners than before.

More Natural Light

Homeowner’s are interested in increasing the natural light coming into their homes, and one way to do this is to add more glass into their entrance doors.  Specialty door glass not only looks great from the exterior, but it also has the ability to enhance the interior look of a room as well.


With many different options, we are sure to have entry doors to fit your style, your home’s style, and your privacy needs.

If you’re interested in changing the look of your front entrance, but aren’t quite sure where to start…  We’d love to help you out!

Call us today to see how we can change your door to a beautiful entrance you will be proud to come home to!

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