fiberglass entry doors


Entry doors are the threshold to your home: your place of sanctuary.  They must be tough enough to withstand wind, rain, and snow, yet elegant enough to be a focal point.

With a beautiful door, you are not only making your home more aesthetically pleasing, you are also giving passers-by and guests an introduction to your taste and style.  Whether you need a touchable and authentic wood grain, or a luxe and minimalist smooth finish, we have the doors that convey your most stylish self.

Steel and fiberglass insulated doors are maintenance-free, energy efficient and economical. Factory painting and staining are available.

If glass is something you desire in your entrance, we have a wide selection of glass inserts to fit your style and privacy needs.

Your home’s security is of utmost importance, and we offer a wide selection of multipoint hardware to keep your door as secure as possible.


Patio doors allow the maximum amount of natural light and provide beautiful, unobstructed views.

Our patio door offerings are built for our Canadian climate and offer year-round comfort with their energy efficient design.

Home security and high quality locking systems are important.  Our doors feature mortise locks, and additional optional locking mechanisms are available.

Lift & Slide patio doors allow for smoother operation of larger units and provide an airtight seal.  The multipoint locking system provides the maximum amount of security of all our patio door offerings.

From laminated to painted and powder coated finishes, to wood-look designs, we have got you covered.

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Garden Doors are a great alternative to patio doors, if you are looking for a more ‘formal feel’.   Garden doors offer the same options as entrance doors, and can be customized to your specific needs.  Garden doors are constructed of insulated steel or fiberglass slabs, and are an energy efficient option.  They typically feature a standard sliding screen, allowing for maximum ventilation.

Double doors are a sister to garden doors, but they often serve as a front entrance and exclude your sliding screen.  

Rail & Stile doors are another premium option.  Allowing as much light in as a patio door, but operating more like an entry or garden door.


Storm doors were originally installed on homes to help shelter the interior wood door from the elements, and to provide much needed ventilation in non-air conditioned homes.  Today’s homes are much different.  Today, most homeowners wanting a storm door, want it solely for the ventilation the door provides when air conditioning is not necessary.

Styles of storm doors have changed very little over the decades, but today’s doors are made with better components and have more features.