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We often get calls from customers admitting they aren’t quite sure if it’s time to replace their windows. When we recommend an energy efficient window replacement to a customer it is based on several things.  To help you decide whether you should start thinking about window replacements, here’s our checklist:

Window Replacement Checklist:

1 – Are they drafty?

Do you find that your windows allow more cold air in than they should in the winter and more warm air in the summer?  If you find yourself cranking up the heat or AC depending on the season due to poor performance and drafts; it might be time to consider window replacements.

2 – Are they thermal and energy efficient?

Do you still have old, single paned windows?  Or, perhaps older double paned units that lack Low E coatings and argon gas in the sealed units?  If this is the case, your windows are not very energy efficient, and are costing you more than you realize on heating and cooling.  With higher than ever standards from Energy Star, the options for high efficient models are vast.  Investing now, will save you money down the road.  If you’re worried that your windows are inefficient, they probably are, and it might be time to upgrade!

3 – Does the hardware work?

If your windows still seem to be doing their job for the most part, but the hardware doesn’t work properly and is beyond repair; window replacements might be the best solution.

4 – Are you constantly performing maintenance?

Are you sick of constantly painting the exterior of your windows to try and keep them looking nice?  A factory painted, energy efficient, vinyl window might be an option you want to start considering!  With many different paint colours to choose from, we’re certain we can help you find a colour that will match your home’s esthetic!


If you think it might be time to start replacing your windows, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you!

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