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Are there many things you love about your home, but the exterior isn’t one of them?  Are you having trouble deciding where to begin? Well, if this is you, we are here to help!  We work with homeowner’s daily to show them how to realize the potential of their home’s exterior and to help bring their exterior renovation ideas to life.

To make the biggest impact to the look of your home, elements to start considering for your exterior renovation are the following:

– Windows

– Doors

– Siding

– Soffits, Fascia & Eavestrough

– Finishing Touches (shutters, railings, columns, light fixtures, hardware etc.)

Window Renovations:

If your windows are starting to become drafty, require a lot of maintenance, or look outdated, it might be time to think about replacement.  Windows have come a long way over the years in terms of energy efficiency, function and options for overall aesthetic appeal.  Click here to browse various window styles and here to learn more about some of the products that are available through the window suppliers we have trusted for years.

Door Renovations:

Your entry doors are one of the first impressions given of your home.  A beautiful new entrance will not only make a good first impression, but provide other great benefits as well.  Chances are your current door is not as energy efficient or secure as it could be, and changing your door can not only improve your energy costs, but make you feel more secure in your home.  When it comes to the options for entry doors; the colours and designs are almost limitless.  If you need some inspiration, click here to view our door gallery to see some of the possibilities.

Siding Renovations:

Changing siding on your home has the most potential to change its entire look, and is typically the largest undertaking.  The options for siding products nowadays are vast, and some of the current popular picks include:

Vinyl Siding

Exceptional beauty, durability, maintenance freedom and value.  The no. 1 exterior cladding product across Canada and the United States.

The Foundry Siding

Wood siding has always been about looks.  Vinyl siding has always been about durability.  Foundry brings the best of both together with their specialty shake, shingle and stone sidings.

JamesHardie Fiber Cement

Featuring a wide variety of textures and profiles, this sleek, strong and non-combustible panel offers upscale options for any style of home.

Sagiper PVC Panels

Maintenance-free corrugated heavy gauge PVC tongue and groove panel wrapped in a high quality, highly durable exterior specific vinyl coating, used specifically for exterior siding.

Versetta Stone

Panelized stone veneer that delivers the authentic beauty of traditional stone masonry without the excess cost and installation time.

Dizal Digitally Printed Aluminum Siding

With its unique manufacturing process, now the look of real wood can come without the work of real wood.

Click here to browse some of our siding projects and for more information

Soffits, Fascia and Eavestrough:

Soffits, fascia and eavestrough will give the perfect touch of refinement while protecting roof lines, gables and other hard-to-reach areas with a durable finish that’s easy to maintain.  Complement or match your soffits, fascia and trough to your new or old siding.

Finishing Touches:

Exterior shutters, railings, columns, light fixtures, door hardware, mailboxes and landscaping are some of the finishing details to think about when renovating or upgrading your home’s exterior.  Upgrading some of these elements can go a long way in improving the look of your home.

Depending on the age of your home, upgrading one or all of these elements can help achieve your desired look.  If you need help with the process and are interested in doing some exterior work on your home, we’d love to work with you!  Click here for our contact form!

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