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Installing new windows in your home is a big investment, but it is also a worthwhile investment.  Many homeowners will underestimate the benefits and features that new windows can provide.  Realizing that changing the windows in your home can not only be a necessity, but also help to lower your bills and increase curb appeal can make spending money on window renovations an easier pill to swallow.

Benefits of New Windows

1 – Lower Energy Bills

High performance windows are specifically designed to hold in comfortable inside temperatures by keeping out the cold, wet and summer’s heat.  While inside temperatures are being enjoyed, high efficient windows will you save money.  To increase the efficiency of windows, energy saving Low E glass is used that features a near invisible coating that reduces the amount of heat lost while letting in maximum light.  The high performance vinyl window lines we carry are on average twice as efficient as the average window made 10 years ago and can help reduce your energy bills significantly.

2 – Go Green

Use the sun’s natural heating and cooling abilities to go green and help your energy bills.  The window lines we carry offer several unique glass coatings which help to keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.  These special coatings reflect heat back to its source, whether the sun or your furnace.  And they are almost invisible – letting in maximum light while saving the most energy.

3 – Peace and Quiet

Whether you live on a quiet street or near a busy intersection, sometimes you just want to keep the outdoors out and the indoors in.  Our well crafted and streamlined windows can help block unwarranted noise out.  Due to the spacer technology built in to all of our windows and the welding processes used, our windows are strong and ensure a perfect seal.

Features of New Windows

1 – Match Your Decor

Make your home a work of art.  At Beingessner Home Exteriors, we offer three different window lines to bring as many beautiful and quality options to our customer’s as possible.  From custom shapes, grilles, colour, finishes and more – enhancing your home’s appearance from the inside out is simple!

2 – Glass Options

Customize your windows even further with different glass options, all the while increasing energy efficiency and performance.  There are options for Low E coatings, gas fills, glazing and different obscure styles to name a few.  Ask us what the best options might be for your home!

3 – Nesting Handles

All of our casement style windows come with high quality hardware.  The nesting folding handles allow for smooth and easy movement.  The innovating low profile nesting handles tuck out of the way and give our variety of window styles a sleek, elegant appeal.  Several hardware finishes are available.

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