The Benefits of Energy Efficient Exterior Doors & Patio Doors

Doors and entrance systems play a very important role in both our observation and utilization of residential buildings.

In this post we would like to go over a handful of the tremendous benefits entrance door and patio door replacements can bring to your home and lifestyle.


In the average Canadian home, space heating and cooling account for approximately 60% of its annual energy consumption and in many homes, the exterior doors and patio doors are the culprit for a significant percentage of this annual heat loss.  By installing high performance products, this annual heat loss can be cut down drastically.  Not only that, summer cooling costs can also be reduced as high performance units work just as well at keeping the summer heat out of the home.


Reducing energy consumption is of great benefit to the environment.  Since less fossil fuel is used to produce energy, less carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC) are produced and released into the atmosphere, which also contributes to slowing down the process of global warming.


Thermally superior exterior doors and patio doors that are professionally installed help stop air leakage, cut drafts, reduce heat loss and minimize condensation.  This results in a more comfortable living environment and glazed surfaces that feel warmer to the touch.


High performance units are more resistant to condensation so the relative humidity inside the home can be higher without causing condensation.  The air is much healthier to breathe and static electricity is greatly reduced.

Maximum Humidity before Condensation Occurs

Outside Temperature Standard Window High Performance Window
0 °C 50 % 58 %
-10 °C 38 % 45 %
-20 °C 26 % 35 %
-30 °C 18 % 25 %
-40 °C 12 % 18 %


High performance units that are properly installed reduce sound transmission.  This noticeable reduction in the transmission of outside noise creates a more peaceful environment inside the home.


High performance patio doors allow for much larger glazed areas, permitting greater amounts of natural light to enter the living environment.  Natural light is easier on the eyes and adds a pleasant feeling to a room.  Increasing natural light can also help reduce the electricity requirement for artificial lighting in some areas of the home at certain times of the day.


Light from the sun shining into a home can cause premature colour fading to furniture, carpets and textiles.  Standard Low E coatings reduce the amount of harmful UV rays passing through, which in turn, greatly reduces the amount of colour fading.  Low E coatings are available that block even more sun light but there could be an impact on the benefits of solar gain.  To ensure the right coating is chosen for the right application, it’s a good idea to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before coming to a decision.

Source of Information: Sill to Sash

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