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2017 marks the anniversary of our 60th year in business, and we are excited!  This is an incredible feat and we couldn’t have done it without all of our amazing customers.  One of the biggest factors we feel that has led to the success we’ve had in our community is that homeowners feel they can really TRUST us.  In today’s home renovation market it can be difficult to find a contractor who is going to be there till the end. With shows on television like ‘Holmes Makes it Right’ it’s no wonder homeowner’s are cautious when deciding who to work with.  The idea of TRUST has inspired this next post.

The Challenges

One of the challenges that home renovators continually face is the fact that a good number of homeowners claim they can’t tell a reputable company from a bad one.  Because of this, people are still hesitant to hire a professional renovator to do their job; most will do it themselves because they think they can save money.  It’s also become quite trendy for homeowners to tackle their own renovations.  Do it yourself television programs guide the homeowner through everything from cement work to finished carpentry.

The lure of saving money on H.S.T. also entices a lot of people to deal with ‘under the table’ black market operators.

Shoppers will admit that their motivation to get a bargain in the beginning gradually changes to getting better value by the time their purchase is complete.  When homeowners feel as though they can TRUST their renovator, they feel at ease about each aspect of their project as a whole.  When a professional says to us, “I think you should do it this way, even though it will cost a little more,” we say go ahead.  If we TRUST them we know they would not advise changing the plan if it was not in our best interests.

Our Solutions

At Beingessner’s we pride ourselves on giving honest advice to our customers.  We will tell a customer if a job should be done a certain way to avoid problems in the future even though it might cost a little more.  On the flip side, we will tell a customer if there are ways they can save money, or a certain project doesn’t need to be done just yet.  We offer a quality product, installation and service at an affordable price.  In business for 60 years, you can TRUST us to have your best interests in mind – ALWAYS!  The end goal is to make our customer’s happy with their new renovation project; from the initial quoting stage all the way through to job completion, period.

How To Build Trust

Building TRUST with a client is a process that starts long before meeting.  You cannot successfully build TRUST without having integrity in your personal life and business practices.  Integrity is the principal that expresses your ability to keep promises, tell the truth, and genuinely care for the needs of your client and everyone around you.

Although TRUST must be earned with each new customer, it doesn’t need to take a long time to develop.  In fact, TRUST may already be well established long before we meet a new customer.  A favourable referral from someone our client knows and respects goes a long way to establish TRUST.  In fact, most of our business has come from client referrals and repeat customers.

There’s an opportunity to further integrity with an honest, upfront style when meeting for the first time.  We always try to do our homework as best we can and be knowledgeable in all aspects of our customers’ needs.  People tend to place their TRUST in others who know what they are doing.  At Beingessner’s, if we’re not sure about something, we will always say so.  We never try to ‘wing it’.  In our opinion, a wrong answer spoils our integrity and undermines the TRUST we are building with customers.

Many companies are very successful because they have developed a high level of TRUST with their customer.  It starts and continues with care and commitment.  We strive to show our clients that we do care about them and all their concerns.  We carry a commitment to follow through on our promises; profitable or not.

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