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Before selecting the right front door for your home, there are some important decisions that should be considered.  Do you prefer a solid door, or do you want the brightness and light of a door-glass?  Are you looking for a contemporary or timeless style?  Will you choose to have sidelites, or perhaps double-doors?  Getting lost in some of these details is easy, but here at Beingessner’s we will help you make the right decisions based on your home and personal style.

Step 1 | Get Inspired

Look around your neighbourhood, through our brochures, and perhaps browse online through Pinterest and start getting those creative juices flowing.  Get inspired by different trends and decide which one might best suit your home’s entryway.

Some of the common trends you’ll be seeing heading into 2019:

Contemporary subtle design meets bold style
Your home has clean, straight lines, abundant fenestration and is made of authentic materials. Add character to your facade by pairing a contemporary glass design with a boldly coloured door slab.

front doors

Eclectic bold arrangements
You’re no stranger to asymmetry and your home is a blend of different styles and eras. If you like to mix things up, pair an eclectic door glass with a shaker style slab.

front doors

Timeless a soft and polished look
Your home’s design is simple, symmetrical and full of carefully curated details.  Are you drawn to traditional aesthetics, quality materials and fine craftsmanship?  Pair a timeless door glass with beautifully embossed slabs.

front doors

Natural where simplicity meets texture
In typical farmhouse style, asymmetrical shapes give way to natural materials and colours.  If you’ve got a weak spot for a raw and authentic look, go with a natural decorative door glass and pair it with a simple fiberglass wood grain slab design.

Step 2 | Design Your Entrance

Your front entrance reflects your home’s personality and character.  The same entrance can bring together elements from different styles, based on your taste and personal aesthetic.  From rich and classic styles to open and clean designs, one of our suppliers Novatech offers three themes to help you with your selection: Chic, Pure Chic and Pure.

Choose an eye-catching grandiose entrance.  A stained glass door glass paired with its matching sidelites and transom will illuminate your home.  This Chic high-end entrance will add beauty and value to your property.

front doors

Pure Chic
Pair your door glass with textured glass in your sidelites to make it stand out.  The sophisticated Pure Chic style is refreshing, echoing the clean lines of contemporary designs.

A minimalist approach geared for comfort and the creation of a luminous space without compromise.  Multiple textured glass options are available, depending on the level of privacy desired. A Pure entrance will add a touch of elegance and contribute to the architectural balance of your home.

front doors

Depending on the sizing you have to work with for your front entrance, your configuration options may be limited.

Some of the most common door configurations are as follows:

Single door with or without transom

Single door with sidelite, with or without transom

Single door with two sidelites, or double doors

Single door with two sidelites and a transom, or double doors with a transom

Step 3 | Choose Your Entry Door Material

A new front door will turn heads, improve your exterior and make your home stand out.  Choose from many different slab options and decide whether steel or fiberglass is your preferred slab material.

Step 4 | Finalize The Details

The glass, colour and hardware for your door are all the finishing details that will really make the door buying experience personalized.

A door glass is a great way to customize your front door and bring natural light into your home.  From decorative designs, to simple obscure and textured options, the possibilities are truly endless.  Once you have the style you are going for in mind from step 2, choosing glass is a lot easier.

Color is another important detail that needs to be finalized.  Doors can be factory painted or stained, or you can choose to paint or stain the door yourself.  Do you want your door to blend in with your house, or do you want it to be a focal point?  Do you like bold/dark colours, or do you prefer something soft and light?  Color and glass design are usually the decisions that take the longest, but when you keep in mind the end look you’re hoping to achieve the process is a little simpler.  And, of course, we are here to help and guide you along the way.

Contact Us today and get one step closer to the front entrance of your dreams!


All photos from this post are from the Novatech 2018 Entry Doors Catalogue

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